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How to Improve Your Body and Mind

We all need to increase our knowledge in FitnessNutrition & Wellness in order to live longer and healthier. This website can help achieve that goal. Good physical health can contribute to good mental health. Below are 5 Topics and their connected Articles.

1. Fitness

Aerobic Exercise - Why Aerobic Exercise Works

Bodybuilding Supplements - 4 Best Supplements for Successful Bodybuilding

Calories Burned - See how many Calories are Burned with different Exercises

Elliptical - What you Need to Know about Ellipticals

Exercise and Sex - Does Exercise will increase your Sexual Appetite?

Exercise Benefits - Why Exercising is Important

Exercise Bike - See Why Exercise Bikes are so Popular

Exercise Machines - Indoor Exercise Machines: What are your Options

HIIT - Why High Intensity Interval Training is Better

How Much Cardio - Is Doing Cardio Everyday a Good Idea

Low Intensity Exercise - Does Low Intensity Exercise have Benefits

Running Strength Stamina - How to Improve your Running and Develop Strength & Stamina

Weight Training vs Cardio - What is the difference between Weight Training & Cardio

Yoga vs Pilates - What you need to Know about Yoga and Pilates

2. Nutrition

CoQ10 Benefits - Read why your Body needs CoQ10

Creatine - See How the Body uses Creatine

Daily Values - Read the Daily Values (DV) for all Food Groups

Dietary Supplements - What are Dietary Supplements?

Fish Oil - Why Everybody Needs Omega 3 Fish Oil in their Diet

Flaxseed - Read Why Flaxseed is so Good for You

Magnesium - Are People getting enough Magnesium?

Natural Antioxidants - Natural Sources of Antioxidants

Nutrients - What are the Seven Essential Nutrients

Omega 3 Fatty Acid - Omega 3 Fatty Acid Deficiency, a Cause for Early Death

Probiotics - Five Health Issues that Probiotics can Help

Protein - Learn about Amino Acids and what they do

Thiamine Deficiency - What are the Best Sources of Thiamine

Vitamin B12 - Vitamin B12 Deficiency, Foods, Benefits & Dosage

Vitamin C - Why Your Body Needs Vitamin C

Vitamin D - Vitamin D Benefits, Foods, Deficiency & Dosage

Vitamin E - Benefits of Vitamin E

Vitamin K - Vitamin K Benefits, Foods, Deficiency & Dosage

Vitamin List - What are the Thirteen Essential Vitamins

3. Treadmills

Best Selling - Treadmills are Still the Best Selling Equipment

Best Treadmills - 2019 Treadmill Models

Buy Treadmill - Walking For Health: Everything You Need to Know About Treadmills

Choosing a Treadmill - What you need to Know to Choose a Home Treadmill

Electric vs Manual - Which Treadmill is best for you Electric or Manual

Fat Burning - How to Maximize Fat Burning on a Treadmill

HIIT Workouts - Three High-Intensity Interval Training Workouts You Can Do from Home

Home Treadmill - The Advantages of Having a Home Treadmill

Running Benefits - The Benefits of Running: Treadmill vs. Outside

Treadmill Benefits - Going Nowhere Fast: The Benefits of Treadmills

Treadmill Desk - How to get Fit without leaving your Office Desk

Treadmill Incline - Will Incline Walking Bulk up my Legs?

Treadmill Motor - Treadmill Motors, Belts and Frames

Treadmill Workouts - Exercises You Can Do on a Treadmill


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