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Caring for Contact Lenses

By Mr. Burgundy

Taking care of your contacts is really quite simple. I have worn soft contacts for many years, and the only problems I´ve encountered with them came from my own negligence.

Take them out every night

Some kinds of contacts are designed to be left in for several days or even weeks at a time, but most require removal every evening. If you leave them, they will become dry and irritate your eyes in the morning. Not only is this bad for your eyes, but the contacts are more likely to be damages if they become dry - cracking is quite possible.

Rinse them thoroughly

Basically, all you have to do is make sure they stay clean, which means putting them in new cleanser every night. If you reuse cleanser, it will probably become clouded and dirty, which will in turn affect the sanitation of your contacts.

If a speck becomes imbedded in your contact, then rubbing will help clear it up, but otherwise it usually isn´t necessary to rub.

Change them out at the appropriate time

Most soft contacts are made to last a month or more. I have to admit that I sometimes keep the same pair for up to two months, even though mine are only supposed to last one. The only real disadvantage to leaving them in longer is that they will eventually become weaker and more likely to break on you.

Dry Eyes

If your eyes are especially sensitive and dry out easily, its important to keep eye moisturizer with you whenever you are wearing your contacts. This is especially true in dry and windy climates.


If contacts are not taken care of properly, they may cause permanent damage to your eyes. Take care of your contacts - after all, they take care of you by helping you see clearly!


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