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Men and Women on Ellipticals

What you Need to Know about Ellipticals


Elliptical also known as an Elliptical Trainers or Elliptical Machine are far becoming the best selling piece of Fitness Equipment on the market today. This machine simulates walking or jogging motion without actually making contact with the ground.

They are so popular because they work and offer an “impact free” weight bearing exercise that is far less stressful on the knees and back like other exercises. You will get a complete upper and lower body workout which means burning fat more efficiently. There small footprint and relatively easy motion make them ideal for home use.

Elliptical Benefits

The beauty of this equipment is it won’t hurt your knees, back or arms during or after your workout as long as you’re using the equipment properly. If you’re not looking to build big muscles and just want to get lean without complication then this is probably the machine for you. Most of these trainers give you the ability adjust the tension so to give your legs and arms the desirable workout.

Elliptical Trainers are considered a weight bearing exercise like Walking, Jogging, Weight Lifting and Treadmills but because there is actually no impact you won’t get the same side effects like strains on your joints and ligaments.

Weight bearing exercises will build better bone density and burn more calories then non-weight exercises like Exercise Bikes, Swimming and Cycling. This is why Elliptical Cross Trainers have become so popular with all types of age groups.

When you get on the elliptical machine both of your feet should be on the pedals and stay there during your entire exercise. Then all you do is hold on the handlebars and pedal forward (or backwards) under your own power. The right handlebar will work in conjunction with the right foot pedal and left handlebar with the left foot pedal.

You can adjust the tension for the desirable resistance. What makes this exercise different from the Treadmill is that your feet never touch the ground making this low impact. Remember if you want that upper body workout you have to buy machines that have handlebars that move with the foot pedals.

Fat Burning & Losing Weight

Elliptical Machines are considered an excellent cardio workout because when you get both your arms and legs moving with resistance this will help elevate your hate high enough to burn fat calories. Most of these machines come with set programs that you can follow or you can just set your own pace.

Buy Elliptical Trainers

A good place to start looking for an Elliptical Trainer is the Internet. An offline store will probably not carry all the top Elliptical Brands like you will find on the Internet. You should be expecting to pay around $500 or more for an entry level elliptical machine with a half decent warranty.

These machines can cost up to $4000 dollars if you want all the bells and whistles. Try to avoid anything cheaper because it will expose you to machines made with cheap parts and poor designs.

Elliptical sales were always greater in the fall and winter because that was the time people wanted to buy but now with the recession on and fierce competition between makers consumers are buying elliptical machines 12 months a year because retailers are offering more incentives and discounts.

Another good aspect to buying on the Internet is some of these Elliptical manufacturers will directly ship their products to consumers which eliminates the middleman and usually means lower cost to you. The first one to start that was Smooth Fitness.

A lot of these big offline retailers will have their own websites that you can also check online. But remember some of the prices at their Web Stores might be cheaper then their offline Stores.

LCD Display

Most of these Elliptical Trainers will come with a display that will show Distance, Speed, Time, and Fat Burned also included is pre-set programs you can use. Other options might include a Fan to keep you cool, CD players and more.


Make sure you know the footprint of the machine you’re buying and where in your home you want it to go. There is enough evidence out there to safely say that this machine used properly and regularly will help you get and stay in shape as long as you stay committed. To avoid getting bored try putting you’re elliptical in front of the TV and not in some seldom used room.


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