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The most expensive part of the treadmill is the motor. These motors can cost up to $500 and more to replace. They are rated by HP (Horsepower) or CHP (Continuous-Duty Horsepower). A 2.0 CHP motor is more powerful than a 2.0 HP motor.

There are two types of electric treadmill motors are AC and DC. DC (Direct Current) motors have a higher starting torque, quicker starting and stopping, variable speeds with voltage and are easier and cheaper to run than AC motors. AC (Alternate Current) motors require minimal maintenance, are more powerful and require less power on start-up.

DC motors are 30% more efficient than AC motors. Most treadmills use the 80-260 VDC (Volts Direct Current) motor. Difference between AC and DC motors are AC motors send power to the outer coils that make up the stator. DC motors send power to the inner rotor.

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AC motors which are used in commercial treadmills, have 3.0 CHP to 6.0 CHP motors which require more power. Home treadmills tend to be DC motors.

The amount of HP you need for a treadmill depends on how much you weigh and are you walking, jogging or running on your treadmill. If you weight over 200 pounds, horsepower should go up in 0.5 increments like 2.5 HP for Walking, 3.0 for Jogging and 3.5 for Running.

Treadmill Frame

They tend to be either steel or aluminum. Both metals are very strong including Tubular Aluminum which can hold many times its body weight. Weight limits on a treadmill tend to be 200-300 lbs for cheaper treadmills and 300-500 lbs for more expensive ones. The more you pay the more durable the machine.

Treadmill Belts

Treadmill belts can last up to 10 years or the life of the treadmill if well maintained like cleaning and lubricating it every 3 months. Treadmill belt can be tightened if they come loose using tools that come with the purchase of the treadmill.


Treadmill themselves can last an average of 10 years if used properly and regularly. If you don’t use your treadmill they can last for decades. Cost of running a treadmill because they do run on electricity is about 22 cents an hour. Treadmills are built to be maintenance free and require very little care except for lubricating and tightening belt if needed.



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