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4 Best Supplements for Successful Bodybuilding

By SamUrq

When you are bodybuilding, you often feel that you need all of the assistance you can get besides determination and a good gym. So bodybuilders look to diet, out of gym exercise, even mental attitude to gain an extra edge. Increasingly, they are also looking to supplements to help build muscle fast. But what are the best supplements to take, and are there any drawbacks to consider?

The first thing to note is that the vast majority of bodybuilding supplements are safe and legal. These aren't steroids, and they aren't made from body parts of almost extinct animals. Supplements are substances that have been found to improve physical performance in a variety of ways, and range from vitamins and minerals, to synthetic compounds and everyday foodstuffs.


Creatine is one of the most famous supplements around. Naturally produced in the body by the liver, kidneys and pancreas, creatine is a key part of our skeletal system but it is also a metabolite. This means that creatine delivers energy and strength by harnessing processes within the body. It also aids recovery between sets of exercises and is thought to increase tolerance to hard physical exercise.

So why wouldn't bodybuilders take it every day?  In fact, creatine does have side effects, including nausea and other gastric problems when taken as a powder. It can also be toxic to the liver and kidneys when taken in too high a concentration, so be careful.

And creatine can also lead to dehydration in high doses. Aside from those issues, however, creatine is a useful addition to any bodybuilding regime.

Bulbine Natalensis

Produced from an African herb, bulbine natalensis is also an ancient aphrodisiac, and expert studies have shown that it certainly increases testosterone levels. This has also made it an increasingly popular supplement, using the anabolic properties of testosterone to build muscle mass.

If you are looking for a natural hormone supplement, bulbine could be ideal. However, while no side effects are known about, bulbine is a new addition to the bodybuilding world, so there is a degree of uncertainty about its long term effects.

Probiotic Whey Protein

Probiotics have become well known in recent years for their ability to heal digestive tract problems, but they are also being exploited by the bodybuilding community. Added to whey protein powders, probiotics like LactoSpore are thought to aid the digestion of proteins and to promote digestive health at the same time.

Sometimes supplement shakes can be touch to stomach, and probiotics are helping to solve that problem, with added benefits on the side.

Raspberry Ketone Powder

Sometimes it's amazing where bodybuilding supplements can appear from. Ketone comes from the humble raspberry, and works by regulating a hormone in the body which maintains fat levels, as well as improving liver health. This is helpful for bodybuilders seeking to get the most out of their exercises.

Even more helpful, ketone is thought to boost the metabolism, even on low calorie diets. Many bodybuilders report benefits of ketone, but few studies have been conducted to prove that it works. The best that we can say is that, with few side effects known about, it is worth trying.

While none of these supplements are a substitute for hard work and technical knowledge of how to exercise effectively, they can help to make the most out of time spent at the gym. When combined with good diet and regular gym work, they could well be the final element of a successful muscle-building campaign, but never forget to read the dosage advice, and keep abreast of any possible side effects.


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