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Rowing Machine

Total Gym Row Trainer Rowing Machine

Total Gym Row Trainer Rowing Machine


  • Steel with steel reinforced extruded aluminum rails.
  • Weight Capacity: Maximum user weight capacity of 400lbs.
  • Resistance: High: 20% of bodyweight 
  • Resistance Low: 17% of bodyweight
  • Product Weight: 98lbs
  • Floor Space (area): 12 square feet.

Enhance Your Core & Strengthen Basic Muscle Groups

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First home rowing machine that adds resistance at an incline, engaging all muscle groups simultaneously, while producing a quicker and more effective workout.


It's ergonomically designed to perform the correct rowing exercise, including low compression on the joints, especially the spine


The Total Gym Row Trainer indoor rowing machine folds easily and compactly stores upright.

About the Products

All Products provided by Total Gym. Total Gym provides an entire gym full of equipment in 1 machine and is great for all demographics-ages 8-80.

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