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Eat Your Way to Better Eye Health

By healthwriter

Although you probably take your vision for granted, it is essential you take good care of your eyes. This doesn't just mean attending an annual sight check, but taking other steps to protect your eyes. For instance, not smoking, using sunglasses to guard against UV rays and we…

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Tapping into Fashionable Eyewear for Style

By Susie M. Keenan

As much as women love their clothing, they love their accessories that much more. Just as important as the clothes that women wear with a mix and match style or the shoes and sandals that they don on their feet, women’s eyewear has stepped into the forefront of fashion.

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Four Effective Ways to Treat Dry Eyes

By Dr. Kristie

Do you suffer from dry eye syndrome? This is a fairly common condition where the eye doesn’t produce enough tears to keep the surfaces of the eyes moist. This results in symptoms of eye irritation, dryness, and burning and may give rise to a feeling that a foreign body is in th…

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Caring For Contact Lenses

By Mr. Burgundy

Taking care of your contacts is really quite simple. I have worn soft contacts for many years, and the only problems I´ve encountered with them came from my own negligence.

1. Take them out every night. Some kinds of contacts are designed to be left in for several days or…

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