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Get in Shape with a Recumbent Bike

By Strength Tree

Experts do tell you that you need a proper diet, strength and cardio training to get in shape properly. Whether you have had a health scare or seen other people around have problems it’s never a bad time to get in shape.

From personal experience I choose to use the recumbent bike as my cardio trainer because of back problems I bypassed the Upright Bike and Treadmill. I could also buy an Elliptical but decided not to because I had a practically new recumbent bike in my basement.

When I first used the recumbent bike I couldn’t even do 15 minutes on it with medium tension. My knees would hurt a little and my back would get a little stiff also after use. Then came my health scare (IBS) which forced me to exercise more aggressively. It’s funny when your healthy you don’t feel like exercising but when you get sick everything changes.

That Recumbent Bike has become my main exercise along with strength training (dumbbells) and an improved diet. I do 20 minutes workouts, three times a week; Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Funny thing my knees don’t hurt anymore, I remember this Doctor saying you had to push through the pain because sometimes your body is giving you wrong signals, he was right.

I can probably run up the stairs ten times now or walk around the block ten times without even feeling a bit dizzy. It’s amazing how an exercise bike plus diet can improve your VO2 rate which is oxygen in your blood.

When you exercise your legs it has more impact on your metabolism then your arms. I have lost weight and inches, my waist is probably no more than 32 inches and for a man that’s 6’ 1” and 50 plus that’s pretty good. I could probably eat anything now but I don’t, just stick to my diet which includes a lot of fiber.

The Recumbent bike I use is an older Proform model without all the bells and whistles but it still works. It has the magnetic resistance fly wheel which can increase or decrease tension and a front panel that has the usual distance, time, speed, fat burning, calories burned and heart rate monitor.

The newer models will probably have a LED screen and speakers making riding your bike even more interesting.

When buying an Exercise Bike its footprint (length/width/height/weight) will have to be taken into consideration. The old Proform bike I use has a large footprint and is heavy almost a club machine, most recumbent bikes today are a lot smaller and lighter which is good for you the consumer. They usually come with a high back seat which is great for your back.

Whatever reason you have for getting into shape and staying that way the Recumbent Bike is an excellent piece of equipment for your Cardio Training. Remember to include strength training and a balanced diet which includes more fruit, vegetables and protein.

I also supplement my diet by taking Multi-Vitamins, B-Vitamins, Omega 3 (Fish & Krill Oil), Calcium and Magnesium. For energy I take Creatine and for my muscles I take Whey Protein.

Whey Protein can be a little harder on your gut but still works because of the added digestive enzymes by makers. You need to find out what works for you because it’s never too late to get in shape.


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