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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers to help describe this Website.


Q. When did start?

A. It was first published on Nov 30, 2016.

Q - Why did you start this site?

A - According to experts one sixth of the world’s population is overweight.

Q - Are you a Not for Profit company?

A - No, independently owned and operated.

Q - Are you a Not for Profit company?

A - No, independently owned and operated.

Q - Could you be considered an Authority in Health & Fitness?

A - Maybe, creating this site has increased my knowledge base exponentially.

Q - How do you make money?

A - Receive a commission on products sold and advertising.

Web Content

Q - Do you Write Your Own Articles?

A - Some, most of the articles are purchased and written for Strength Tree.

Q - Are the Articles written by experts in Health & Fitness?

A - Yes, some of them are and others are educated people in related fields.

Q - How important is Fitness & Nutrition?

A - You are what you eat and do on a daily basis.

Q - Do you give out advice on what I should do?

A - No, not at this time.

Products & Services

Q - Do you sell your own Products?

A - No, but I use two of the best in Life Extension® & BistroMD.

Q - Why don't you have more Fitness Equipment?

A - Hopefully, there will be more in the near future.

Q - Should I be taking Supplements?

A - It's up to you, but remember you can't supplement a bad diet.

Q. Are Supplements safe to take?

A. All depends on the manufacturer, science & quality control.

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