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Five Foods to Reduce Hunger Naturally

By Dr. Kristie

Uncontrolled hunger and overeating can make even the best weight loss plans go awry. One way to reduce the risk of overeating and help keep hunger at bay is to eat frequent, small, meals throughout the day. This not only keeps the metabolism primed, but also reduces hunger that…

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Diet Supplements to Increase Fat Burning

By The Writehand Man

Everyone who exercises wants to burn fat.  The million-dollar question is what is the best way to do it?

Here is one way to burn fat:  You run.  You run often and you run fast.  It’s effective, but it takes a lot of work and dedication.

Here is another proven …

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The Nutritional Power of Spinach

By Dr. Kristie

If you’re like most people, you’re probably not getting enough green, leafy vegetables in your diet - or enough vegetables period. Despite the fact that experts now recommend that people get nine servings of fruits and vegetables, most Americans are lucky to get two. That’s not…

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How to Maintain a Diverse Paleo Diet

By Robert Steele

Since the paleo diet essentially eliminates four of the main food groups (dairy and grains) it is more difficult to maintain a diet that contains a variety of foods. With the preparation time required, and with fewer choices, it is easy for someone to become complacent, makin…

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Health Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

By Dr. Kristie

When it comes to health, diet plays an important role in how you look and feel and may even determine how long you live. There certainly seems to be a grain of truth to the old adage “you are what you eat.” When it comes to eating right, the Mediterranean countries seem to have…

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Weight Training for Weight Loss

By Dr. Kristie

Is weight training good for weight loss? Most people believe you burn more calories doing aerobic activity such as fast walking, jogging, or the elliptical machine. There’s no doubt that these exercises burn a significant number of calories, but don’t underestimate the power of…

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7 Food Additives You Should Avoid Like the Plague

By Melissa Nykorchuk

Although the word 'additive' tends to make it sound as though something beneficial is being added to your food, the truth is that many popular food additives are shockingly hazardous to your health.

Some of these chemicals are linked to significant weight gain or a fai…

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Whey -- Another Way to Lose Weight

By Ava Summers

The use of whey to naturally suppress appetite and consequently lose weight is being studied. Whey is the watery substance remaining after milk curdles. It is quite rich in protein. At the present time, whey can be purchased in a dried form as a supplement. It is also found in …

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Five Major Health Benefits of Olive Oil

By Eric Shattuck

Olive oil provides a host of health benefits that make it a superior alternative to other cooking oils. It is a staple of the Mediterranean diet, a region known for longer than average lifespans and lower rates of many chronic diseases, and thousands of studies have shown tha…

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Carb Restricted Diets Lower Blood Pressure

By Dr. Kristie

People who are overweight or obese and have large amounts of weight to lose sometimes turn to weight loss supplements such as orlistat to help take off the pounds. Unfortunately, many also have high blood pressure as a result of being obese. New research shows that people who a…

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