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Whey - Another Way to Lose Weight

By Ava Summers

The use of whey to naturally suppress appetite and consequently lose weight is being studied. Whey is the watery substance remaining after milk curdles. It is quite rich in protein.

At the present time, whey can be purchased in a dried form as a supplement. It is also found in food like cheese and yogurt. Various studies are showing how the consumption of whey can lead to weight loss and maintenance of a desirable weight.

What could be easier than drinking bottled water with whey protein added to it? Researchers in New Zealand discovered that water with whey added and consumed two hours before a meal lowered the appetite in overweight research subjects. They found that the more whey that was added, the stronger the feeling of fullness.

On-going research is showing that eating whey can, in time, whittle down your waistline. In one study, reported in the Journal of Nutrition90 overweight males and females drank their beverages with whey protein, soy protein or carbohydrates for six months. They ate their meals as they normally would.

At the end of the study, the whey and soy drinkers weighed less than the carbohydrate drinkers, but the waists of the whey group got smaller. It is hypothesized that whey may affect metabolism resulting in “beating the belly fat problem.”

Taking whey supplements or eating food containing whey may combat the harmful effects of a diet high in fat. Several studies indicate that the whey drinkers lost more weight, developed a leaner body mass, had better insulin sensitivity and accumulated less liver fat.

More encouraging news comes from studies indicating that ingesting whey may help probiotics stay alive during their stay in the stomach’s acid environment before they are sent throughout the body.

Research on how whey may be useful in weight control is still in its infancy, but studies are continuing to show that consuming whey can curb appetite, help to lose and maintain weight, and also provide health benefits like controlling belly and liver fats.

Even though the jury isn’t in yet, it may be wise to make whey a part of your daily diet – after all, it’s a natural part of a variety of healthy food items.  


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