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Lose Weight Without Dieting

By Strength Tree

To lose weight that stays off, you must change your lifestyle and daily habits. It's like Will Durant's famous quote. "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."

Dieting Problems

The biggest problem with dieting is that it doesn't change how you think about food. If your diet feels like work, it will be difficult to maintain. For example, if your favorite food is ice cream and you are on a low carb diet, you will likely cheat because you are restricting yourself from something that gives you pleasure.

Instead of limiting what you can eat, a better strategy is to learn to enjoy foods with more nutritional value. 

Low Carb Diets

There are so many diet gurus on the internet that emphatically push restrictive diets like Atkins, Paleo, or Ketogenic that make it seem like going low carb is the only way to lose weight.

However, cultures like Japan and Korea have some of the longest lifespans and leanest waists in the world, while many people in these countries consume white rice daily. Even though people in these countries eat large amounts of white rice, they also eat many vegetables and use little unhealthy oils when cooking. 

Losing Weight 

You need to burn more calories than you're eating to lose weight. This caloric difference can be achieved by either decreasing the number of calories you consume or increasing the amount that you burn. 

Burning Calories

Burning calories doesn't necessarily mean exercising. There are many different ways to be physically active without much effort. If you add a five-minute walk to your morning routine every morning, it will add up to over 30 hours a year. Gardening, walking the dog, or biking to work are also all ways to burn extra calories.

If you hate running, try badminton. Instead of lifting weights, try hiking. The key is to find something that doesn't feel like work and that you genuinely enjoy so you will be able to sustain the habit long term. 

Eating Healthy

Eating healthy doesn't mean changing your diet all at once or eating nothing but kale. There's also no need to count calories. If you eat healthy, unprocessed foods, and eat until you feel full, you will lose weight.

Foods that are high in sugar like desserts or candy spike blood glucose levels and are empty calories and can lead to overeating. Try replacing high-caloric sweets with healthier alternatives like fruit. If you love strawberries, eat a handful after dinner and skip the chocolate chip cookies. 

Even though fruit has sugar in it, fruit also has fiber that slows down absorption. Fruit also has vitamins and minerals that are absent in most junk food. 

Absent Minded Snacking

Beware of absent minded snacking. If you are watching television, it's easy to eat a half bag of potato chips without noticing. Try replacing the potato chips with healthier, more filling options like baby carrots or dehydrated vegetables, as they will fill you up quicker.


Losing weight isn't about choosing a diet and sticking to it religiously. Losing weight is about changing your habits and learning to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.


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