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How to Maintain a Diverse Paleo Diet

By Robert Steele

Since the paleo diet essentially eliminates four of the main food groups (dairy and grains) it is more difficult to maintain a diet that contains a variety of foods. With the preparation time required, and with fewer choices, it is easy for someone to become complacent, making the same meals for each day of the week.

The spirit of the paleo diet is that it mimics the diet of human ancestors who roamed the earth hunting and gathering foods from a space of land. For these ancestors, their diets would have a great deal of diversity.

Following this theory, the foods they ate would make them healthier than later civilized people who ate farmed and processed foods.

There are a few things for people on a paleo diet to do in order to keep variety in their diet. If they incorporate these ideas, their diets will be more like their ancestors, and as a result, they will get a broader range of vitamins and nutrients.

Breakfast is the most difficult meal of the day on a paleo diet. Often people will stick with the foods they have eaten as children, but that still fall under the paleo foods category. As a result, a person will choose bacon and eggs for their morning meal. Eggs are a terrific paleo food, but while bacon falls under the category, it goes through a curing process which often leads to high sodium levels.

Bacon is fine to eat once or twice a week, but it might be best to avoid it as part of a daily meal. Fish and steak are less traditional, but work well as protein substitutes.

A balanced paleo breakfast should incorporate the other food group, fruits and vegetables. Bacon and eggs are also not a good daily choice because they are both proteins. Bananas and melons are more traditional fruits that are good to add to a breakfast.

A fruit skewer looks nice on the plate and can allow for several types of fruit. For vegetables, they can be difficult to eat on their own. Adding chopped vegetables into eggs for an omelet is a good way to make sure there is a decent amount of variety.

Alternatively, a hash of sweet potato and green vegetables offers another way to target this food group. Perhaps the best way, however, is to incorporate both the fruits and vegetables into a smoothie. The smoothie provides a filling drink to enjoy with the rest of the meal.

Another way to diversify on the paleo diet is to explore new foods. There are exotic fruits and vegetables that a lot of people have never eaten, such as: ackee, mangosteen, jackfruit, rambutan, jabuticaba, and pepino.

As these fruits and vegetables might not be native to where someone resides, people can find websites online with recipes and instructions on how to prepare them. Trying new foods is adventurous, and there are many different foods in the world to discover.

Finally, certain types of meals are, by their very nature, more diverse than others. Soups are terrific because they require a variety of vegetables. Either cut vegetables into hearty chunks, or blend them for a thick broth. A trail mix made of different nuts and dried fruits provides variety within a snack.  

The biggest challenge to overcome is the tendency to fall into a routine of making the same foods. By incorporating some of these ideas, it will ensure that a diet is as diverse as possible.


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