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Eat Your Way to Better Eye Health

By healthwriter

Although you probably take your vision for granted, it is essential you take good care of your eyes. This doesn't just mean attending an annual sight check, but taking other steps to protect your eyes. For instance, not smoking, using sunglasses to guard against UV rays and we…

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Looking Beyond Calcium to Prevent Osteoporosis

By healthwriter

Close to a third of postmenopausal women in Europe and the US have osteoporosis.  If you have a family history of this bone-thinning disease or one of the other risk factors for its development, which include a small frame size, long-term use of steroids, an overactive thyroid…

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Vitamins and Minerals for Vision Health

By Molly Allman

A healthy diet has countless benefits for the body and mind, but many people do not realize that consuming adequate amounts of certain vitamins and minerals also helps keep the eyes in good health and prevent vision problems. The thought of losing one’s vision can be frighteni…

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