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MYPRE - Raspberry Lemonade - 1.1lb

MyProtein MYPRE


This state-of-the-art blend is ahead of the curve in innovation and taste, containing a host of evidence-based, scientifically proven ingredients to provide that cutting edge to your workouts! If you're searching for a boost of energy and continual focus to help you squeeze out those last reps or run that extra mile, then you've certainly come to the right place with MYPRE offering a premium unrivaled formula.


A question that we are often faced with as nutritionists is how will this product help me and how often should I be consuming it So, let us break the science down for you. Two scoops of MYPRE will provide you with the following:

  • Caffeine
  • Creatine
  • BCAA
  • Vitamin and Mineral Blend
  • Beta Alanine


To get you mentally and physically prepared before every workout, each serving of Myproteins MYPRE delivers a significant 4g of BCAA's, 400mg of total caffeine, 4g of creatine, 3g of citrulline malate, 3g of Beta-Alanine, 1.3g of arginine, a signature vitamin and mineral blend and several more popular ingredients that work synergistically.

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Note: If your not getting the Nutrients you need through Diet, try Supplementing!