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Natural Back Pain Treatment

These products above have worked for me in the past and the present.

  1. Finding a good anti-inflammatory cream is the first thing I would do. Two are listed above Kalaya and Voltaren. Both worked for me.
  2. Second is getting a good Back Belt because it will be needed for lifting anything heavy or chores like cutting the lawn and shoveling snow. Ever since I got my back belt I have never really thrown my back out in (8 years).
  3. The third thing to do is get a Hot and Cold Bag in which you can heat up in the Microwave or freeze to put around your neck. I prefer to heat it up. They are usually filled with Rice. You’ll be surprised how your neck affects your back. Sitting too long puts stress on your neck and shoulders.
  4. Back support for your chair would be the fourth thing to do. These back supports do help your lower back if you sit too long especially in front of a computer.

There are many other products that you could try to get relief. The link below will show them all.

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