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The Tropical Resort Aqua Cycle

The Tropical Resort Aqua Cycle

Only available from Hammacher Schlemmer, this is the same aquatic tricycle found in tropical resorts that conveys two pedalers on oceans, lakes, or any open water. Rugged and extremely durable, it is constructed from three buoyant polyethylene wheels that ride high in the water, supported by a rust...

The English Channel Pedal Boat

English Channel Pedal Boat

This is the water craft that set a Guinness World Record for the fastest pedal-powered crossing of the English Channel. Possessing superior nautical qualities that enabled navigation through the Channel's notoriously inhospitable waters, its ballasted keel provides superior stability...

The Amusement Park Dragon Pedal Boat

Amusement Park Dragon Pedal Boat

This is the same dragon pedal boat used in amusement parks that provides a leisurely day of waterborne fun for up to two adults. Rising like a serpent 6' above the water's surface, its statuesque form ensures attention from other boaters while its quiet, human-powered operation ensures a pleasurable...

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