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The Heated Therapy Inflatable Spa

Heated Therapy Inflatable Spa

This is the inflatable whirlpool that soothes muscles using 120 high-powered jets and a 1,300-watt heater. It generates a therapeutic bubbling spa that relaxes muscles in 104 º F water and accommodates up to four people. The spa is made from triple laminate PVC that resists punctures... (Hot Tub)

The Infrared Supine Sauna

The Infrared Supine Sauna

This is the personal sauna that allows users to lie in a comfortable supine position while infrared lamps provide deep penetrating, soothing heat. The sauna is gently sloped to place the user's legs slightly above the heart, a more relaxed position. Four infrared lamps generate heat that penetrates...

The Finnish Barrel Sauna

The Finnish Barrel Sauna

This is the outdoor barrel sauna inspired by the traditional saunas of Finland. Crafted from weather-resistant rustic cedar, the sauna&'s barrel shape heats more quickly, evenly, and efficiently than typical box-shaped saunas. Two stainless steel bands secure the sauna's ball-and-socket...

The Hydrotherapy Heated Foot Bath

Hydrotherapy Heated Foot Bath

This is the heated spa tub that pampers sore feet and calves with a relaxing reflexology massage. While two powerful water jets and circulation-boosting red light soothe each foot, four textured rollers apply gentle pressure to the soles and heels, helping to soften skin, loosen stiff muscles...

The Personal Day Spa

The Personal Day Spa

This is the personal spa pod that provides soothing heat, vibration massage, and aromatherapy to relax mind and body. It provides five preset programs that include 15-minute energizing power naps, 20-minute vibration massage and aromatherapy sessions, 30-minute heated fitness...

The Handcrafted European Copper Distiller

Handcrafted European Copper Distiller

Handcrafted in Portugal, this is the classic copper alembic still used for centuries for making floral waters and essential oils. It uses the same principles of alchemy developed over 1,200 years ago by Alkindus, renowned as the "father of perfume distillation". Its hand-hammered copper...

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