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The Customizable Massage Chair

Customizable Massage Chair

This is the programmable massage chair that allows multiple users to create and save custom massage programs. Storing up to three personalized massage patterns, the chair's wireless controller allows one to target 61 different pressure points and command the chair's airbags to provide...

The Swiveling Pinpoint Massage Chair

 Swiveling Pinpoint Massage Chair

This is the swiveling massage chair that provides targeted, precise massage of specific areas of the torso and upper body. This chair's low profile and swiveling base allow it to fit in any room, unlike bulkier, fixed position massage chairs. The handheld remote displays an image of the upper...

The Music Synching Massage Chair

Music Synching Massage Chair

Unlike most massage chairs that focus only on physical treatment, this holistic chair incorporates the soothing powers of music to relax your mind as well. Users simply upload their favorite melodies to the integrated MP3 player; as the audio plays through the included headphones...

The World's Most Versatile Massage Chair

World's Most Versatile Massage Chair

This is the world's most versatile massage chair that combines full-body stretching, accupressure, zero gravity, and heat into an immersive rejuvenating experience. The chair's 34 auto-wellness programs and five intensity levels are selected from a built-in remote/LCD while its L-Track...

The Zero Gravity 3D Massage Chair

Zero Gravity 3D Massage Chair

Combining heat, zero gravity, and unique three-dimensional massage techniques, this is the enveloping chair that delivers full-body relaxation. It reclines to any angle up to zero gravity, which elevates the feet above the heart to spur healing blood flow and reduce back pain...

The Space Saving Massage Lounger

Space Saving Massage Lounger

This low-profile massage lounger requires 25% less floor space than the typical bulky models, yet delivers the same deep penetrating back massage. The lounger uses Human Touch Technology, a mechanical massage technique endorsed by the World Federation of Chiropractic. Four-pronged rollers...

The Sleep and Assisted Lift Recliner

Sleep and Assisted Lift Recliner

This is the luxury recliner that smoothly transitions its occupant from a flat sleeping position to an assisted lift in unparalleled comfort. Combining heat, massage, and six preprogrammed positions, the chair accommodates users throughout the day, laying supine for sleep, sitting upright for...

The Rechargeable Heated Massaging Stadium Seat

Rechargeable Heated Massaging Stadium Seat

Available only from Hammacher Schlemmer, this is the heating and massaging seat cushion that keeps you comfortable at a sporting event or on a camping trip. The seat has an attached control tab that enables you to select; simultaneously or...

The Targeted Treatment Massage Cushion

Targeted Treatment Massage Cushion

This is the chair cushion that uses Shiatsu, rolling, and vibration massage to target and knead muscles in the upper back, lumbar, and buttocks. Six nodes in the cushion's back rotate to provide a Shiatsu-style treatment or travel up and down to deliver a rolling massage. The cushion's...

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