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The Vibration Fitness Trainer


This is the low-impact vibration trainer that uses over 250 exercise programs and 1,000 individual exercises to provide a whole-body workout. Medical studies conducted over a 20 year period have shown that Whole Body Vibration causes less microtrauma to muscles than conventional weight training. Used by professional sports teams, medical rehabilitation, and fitness centers.


The trainer stimulates circulation, strengthens bones, and stretches tendons and deep-lying pelvic muscles. The trainers durable fiber-reinforced vibrating platform supports up to 350 lbs. and allows one to perform exercises while either standing or sitting on the vibration platform in concert with the built-in seven-position, variable-resistance cables.

  • 59" H x 33" W x 39" D. (295 lbs.)

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Equipment provided by Hammacher Schlemmer

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