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Total Gym GTS

Total Gym GTS


Experience the bold look and professional quality of the Total Gym GTS. This equipment has taken the fitness industry by storm, winning innovation awards in North America, Europe and Australia. Total Gym GTS is the equipment anchor for the popular GRAVITY® fitness program, with 3 million workouts offered each year in fitness and rehabilitation facilities worldwide. Bring home commercial grade performance that immediately boosts your health investment return. Total Gym GTS, preferred by fitness professionals.


  • 22 calibrated resistance levels
  • Hydraulic rail lift that assists level changes and easy two-step folding. Adjustable glideboard that promotes optimal spinal alignment and training variations with 7 position angles.
  • Automatic rail locks allow for explosive plyometric jumping.
  • Multiple center-pulley attachment points double arm-cable load and increase lower extremity range of motion.
  • More than 200 exercises and variations from resistance training to Pilates.
  • Resistance—1% to 62% of bodyweight.
  • Includes workout DVD, Owner’s Manual, assembly instructions and Illustrated Exercise Reference.

Models:  XLS  |  FIT  |  GTS

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