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December 6, 2016

People on Treadmills

By Online Fitness

Treadmills are probably the best selling piece of fitness equipment in the last ten years. Why because study after study says they will give you a top cardio workout, build bone density, burn calories and build muscles in your low body. What more can you ask for in the privacy of your own home. Elliptical trainers are starting to catch up with the treadmill in popularity but until then treadmills remain the top cardio machine on the market today. These machines will never go out of style because the technology behind them is sound.

One benefit of Treadmills is that its a weight bearing exercise like Walking, Jogging and Aerobics which means they will build bone density better then non-weight bearing exercises. You have a better chance at weight control because treadmills work the large muscles in your body. Working large muscle groups in your body will help speed up your metabolism and burn calories long after you finished working out.

Another benefit to buying a quality treadmill is the grade and speed controls. Having the ability to adjust your speed and the angle you’re walking on is very important to how intense you want your workout. You can choose to either walk or run, it’s all up to you. Most treadmills will come with preset programs you can follow or you can make up your own. The gauges on a treadmill are usually Speed, Distance, Time, Fat Calories burned and more expensive ones will have Fans, CD Players and even LCD TV’s.

Most treadmills are folding treadmills; this can be done electronically or manually. Make sure you know this before you buy. This will save you space if you need it.

Treadmill Motor & Tread

The most important part of the treadmill is the motor. Small motors like a (1.5 HP) will have a shorter life expectancy then larger motors (2.0 – 3.0 HP) because they have to work harder and will likely ware out faster. Longer warranties on the motor will give you a hint on how long the dealer (seller) expects the motor will last. It’s probably better to invest a little more money in a brand name treadmill that has a bigger motor and avoid the discount treadmill with the cheap motor.

Most quality made treadmills have cushioned treads so you won’t hurt your feet, knees or back when you walk or run on them. This may be an issue if you are buying a cheaper treadmill so keep that in mind.

Buy a Treadmill

There are two places where you can shop for your treadmills and that is online (Internet) or offline (Retail Store). The Internet has many positive aspects like going to Google or Yahoo and typing in “treadmills” and up will come millions of web pages on treadmills. You will find more information on the Internet then you will ever get offline.

Benefits of Online Shopping:

  1. See what are the top treadmill brands and models.
  2. Finding out Treadmill Benefits, Popularity & Issues.
  3. Compare Prices and Warranties.
  4. Buy directly from Manufacturer thus eliminating the middleman. (Some Brands).
  5. Read customer Reviews on the treadmills before you buy.
  6. Check out multiple stores with ever leaving your computer.
  7. Shopping at your own pace.

Benefits of Offline Shopping:

  1. Testing the treadmill yourself.
  2. Direct Communication with a Salesman.

You should expect to pay between $500 and $3000 for a quality made treadmill, usually the latter.

Treadmill Warranties

A good warranty is the only way to protect your investment. Your warranty should cover the motor for at least 5 years, the Frame for 20 years, and Parts and Labor for 1 year. If your dealer (seller) has a long warranty on the Motor and Frame then you know it must be a good treadmill because no dealer wants to fix problems still under warranty. Short term warranties should mean stay away.

Refurbished & Used Treadmills

You need to know the difference between these two before you buy. Refurbished treadmill usually refers to a treadmill that has been rebuilt and used treadmill means you’re buying the treadmill as is after somebody has used it for a period of time. Refurbished treadmills tend to be expensive because they like to rebuild high end treadmills. If you’re looking for a used treadmill because it’s cheap you might as well buy a new treadmill for under $500 dollars and save yourself the time and effort.

In Conclusion

If you want results from your treadmill then you have to be committed to it long term. Don’t put in the basement where nobody goes but find a place like in front of your TV or family room where everyone can use it. Treadmill exercise has been proven to work so if getting in shape and losing weight are your goals then treadmills are worth every cent and will give back exactly what you put in.

If you’re living in a small space or apartment and need all the room you can get but would still like a treadmill then a folding treadmill is what you should look for. They are either power folding or manual folding and not all treadmills can fold. Folding means the tread will fold up to the control panel in front.

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